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Meet and Greet on 14 NOV 2020 in Sumter S.C.

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November 14, 2020  – Location: Sumter, SC.  – Time 0:900 to 16:00 hrs (that is 9am to 4pm for you civilians). Uniform: Casual Civilian Attire. 

This is a Meet and Greet for all United States Patriot Corps members and those who are interested in joining the U.S. Patriot Corps. We will be covering a wide range of subjects ie… Mission, Upcoming Specialty Training, Military Schools, Recruiting, Community Outreach, and more. There will be a cook-out for lunch. This is a RSVP event, click here to confirm if you will be attending, when you RSVP you will receive the address and other info. If you can’t fill out the online RSVP form then send an RSVP email to:

We hope to see you there! And please share this info with your friends.

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