RAIDER stands for Rapid Assistance in Disaster and Emergency Relief. The purpose of the RAIDERS is to be first responders for both man-made and natural disasters. RAIDERS are the best of the best and go through extremely rigorous training that conditions them both physically and mentally to meet any challenge. Raiders Skills learned during the RAIDER course include advanced land navigation, Search and Rescue, Reconnaissance & Damage Assessment, Landing Zone Operations, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Communications, and Survival in harsh conditions.


Raider TridentOn successful completion of the RAIDER Course, you earn the right to wear the RAIDER TRIDENT BADGE. The meaning of the RAIDER TRIDENT BADGE:  The trident represents South Carolina’s coastal and Naval heritage as well as S.C.’s extensive shoreline border and inland waterways. The parachute and wings represent the parachutists those that are AIRBORNE qualified who serve as a RAIDER. The inverted fighting knife is symbolic of special operations (outside of the scope of conventional operations) for which RAIDERS are trained and prepared for. Blue represents loyalty and fraternity. Red represents valor and strength. White represents purity, humility, honor, and truth.

If you complete the RAIDER Course you will have the following Certifications.

  • CPR
  • First Aid


Dates for RAIDER Course for 2022 (To complete this course you must attend all five training sessions) :






You must meet one of the following criteria’s before taking the RAIDER course or becoming part of the RAIDER detachment.

  1. Must be a member of the United States Patriot Corps (USPC).
  2. Must be a member of a recognized State Defense Force.
  3. Must be a Military Cadet attending an accredited school.
  4. Must be a member of an organization that is a 501c-3 and uses a military-style structure.

Proof of membership is required!!

The cost for this Course for Non-USPC Members is $250.00

To apply for this course you can do the online application here or download the application here, fill it out and email to Once your application has been approved you will be contacted by the RAIDER staff with further information and instructions.


For more information feel free to contact us.


*The RAIDER TRIDENT BADGE and PATCH was created by Lin Beets.